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Setup Botnet + Dedicated Servers

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Setup Botnet + Dedicated Servers
We Sell Botnet + RDP

Our Botnet List

Display statistics:

- Number of infected computers.
- Current number of bots in the online.
- The number of new bots.
- Daily activity of bots.
- Country statistics.
- Statistics by OS.
- Working with the list of bots:
Filtering the list by country, botnets, IP-addresses, NAT-status, etc.
Displaying desktop screenshots in real time (only for bots outside NAT).
- Mass inspection of the Socks-servers state.
- Displays detailed information about the bots. Of the most important here are:
Windows version, user language and time zone.
Location and computer IP-address (not for local).
Internet connection speed (measured by calculating the load time of a predetermined HTTP-resource).
The first and last time of communication with the server.
Time in online.
- Ability to set comment for each bot.


150$ With RDP/VPS = 1month
Next Month 50$ Only

ICQ #:623378515
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  1. mutewizard368's Avatar
    pls i will like to get a good rat