Applications must be in this forum

Minimum Requirements to Apply Cracker Rank

1.You must have a minimum of 60 Thread count. "NOT POST COUNT"
2.Registered for minimum of 2 month.
3.No impending infractions during application.
4.Premium account postings must be unique and not leeched. Leeching will result not only in a rejection but a permanent ban.
5.Know how to work with Sentry MBA and Vertex
6.Know how to make wordlist/combolist/proxylist
7.Also post some screenshots of your work for proof
8.Posted Atleast 5 WORKING Configs (not leeched)
If you think you met with above requirements Make a Thread with filling below columns
And Last Thing You Know to Create your Own Profile On Sentry or Vertex


Your Profile Detail

Proof Your Threads, Configs, And Premium Account You Posted

What Private Tools you Used

Your Experience

Best regards,