In this tutorial i'll teach you how to steal files through windows shortcuts.

First let me tell you how it works:

When you select a shortcut to upload, it gives you the file the shortcut points to. Thus you can steal any file you want by making them select the shortcut when uploading a file, the problem with this is most file uploaders show the file name that's being uploaded, but don't worry! I provide a solution to bypass this.

Things you'll need:

After you create your free website, create a new database.

Then go to config.php and edit it with the details:

Next install file manager and delete default.php, then upload the stealer files.

Then go to phpmyadmin & import database.sql:


Next go to http://website/stolen.php where website is your website & login with your credentials(default is greed@:perfect123 in user:pass format).

Now add an id & descriptor for the id:

I added the id 1234 with the descriptor "Greed's secret file".

Now we'll create the shortcut:

Let's suppose you want to steal the file C:\code\credentials.txt:

Then you'll create the folder code in C:\ & create the file credentials.txt.

Then you'll right click and do new->shortcut:

Then you'll input C:\code\credentials.txt

Hit next & name it whatever you want:

Then click finish.

Next go to http://website/stealer.php?id=1234 to make sure it's working properly. If it appears all right:

then you send them the shortcut & have them upload it to your website:

Please be aware that relative paths don't work(ex: %AppData% or %Temp%), thus if you want to steal their Google Chrome cookies file you'll need to get their username on their computer and input the absolute path.