Ever wanted to learn how to hack a shop for data? or to hack a major cooperation's website and deface it with your own Tag just for an ego boast?

Ever wanted to learn SQL injections? Or maybe you wanted to learn how to harvest a powerful Botnet?

If the little voice in your head is answering or even screaming YES! Then welcome to the Mass Hack Hacker School!

We teach complete subject areas not just a brief introduction. By the time you read through our eBooks and talk to our support teachers you will go from Special Needs disabled drooling hackers to Professor Grade A+ geniuses. Guaranteed.

Our teaching covers:
- Full Scope Hacking - From PHP scripting, Coding/ Programming, SQL injection, Vulnerability sourcing.
- Botnet Harvesting
- Virus/ Malicious software delivery methods
- Social Engineering methods and how to use it when hacking

Price: $1000

- 90 Page EBook
- 1 Year Support (answering all your questions and problem solving with you in real time)
- Quick Start hacking package including scripts, software, hack able website list (to practice on)

We guarantee to make you a real hacker By the time you are finished teaching you will never have to pay for data again because you will simply be able to hack it!
That's a guarantee.

Contact Support :
Email: yellovalid@yahoo.com
ICQ: 713261403